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all images, renderings, models, plans and photos / Morphosis 

Bill & Melinda Gates Hall
Ithaca, NY / USA
role: project team / exteriors (color), interiors (space planning, finishes, furniture selection)

Gates Hall at Cornell University brings together the school’s Computing Science and Information Science departments in a new joint facility designed to generate collaboration and spontaneous discourse between the disciplines.


source / Morphopedia

Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine
New York, NY
role: project team / interiors (garderobe selection, vintage photos selection, finishes, furniture selection)

Playing on the convergence of person and persona, the site is a tribute to the two legacies of its eponymous founder—his statement Superfly style and his illustrious career as New York Knicks point-guard and commentator. Through the use of outsize scale and formal repetition, the design takes on pop-culture modalities of visibility and presence, utilizing  Clyde’s own image as main inspiration and connective motif.


source / Morphopedia

Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters
Shanghai / China
role: project team / exteriors (skin color, lighting), interiors (cafeteria, hotel lobby and rooms, office spaces, lighting, CEO office and private space, general finishes)

The Giant Campus is a compact village that accommodates diverse programmatic functions in a flexible framework of architectural forms that move into and out of a sculpted landscape. An undulating office building and an augmented ground plane marry architecture to landscape and environment to site.


source / Morphopedia

Tour Phare
Paris / France
role: project team / exteriors (rooftop, urban planning), interiors (security, core, office floors, space planning, lighting)

Drawing on the power of parametric scripting, the design of the Phare Tower gathers disparate programmatic, physical, and infrastructural elements from the requirements of the building and its surrounding context


source / Morphopedia

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